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   Our company is located in countryside- Huang Yan of Chinese mould , is is to make the plastic mould special field manufacturer.The company uses reliable properties of products , the mould is in rational delivery date with serving , using a gold after timely selling to prance with industry position in the lead. Produce team and a batch of high-caliber administration handling crew by that number development of 10 , the gold prance to have built up well experienced one design already.The safety standard has produced product of our company according to Europe CE , has passed ISO9001 international mass attestation , has ensured the product superiority to be able to handle safety as well as machine procedure of production hits the target.
We design the main product producing an once's mainly:
Distant pin of different kinds of products whole world that at present, the gold prances more than 40 country. Comply with standing on first our after-sale service always with regard to paying attention to a product very much of factory , supposing that spare and accessory parts sells , the technology provides , fixed point service and the technician train and so on. The gold prances after the mould owns selling of one big and powerful to serve a network , you serve therefore disregarding where your body, is in disregarding what problem , our to have to can in time.
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